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  • Worried Recovery Will Take Too Long? Try Pre-hab!

    Oct 10

    Physical therapy isn’t only helpful after surgery! Surgery can be extremely stressful and traumatic for your body to go through, therefore, it’s normally only done when there are absolutely no other options available. If a surgery is in your near future, you’ve probably already discussed a post-operative ...

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  • Do You Stretch Before and After Your Workout? If Not, You Should Start.

    Dec 13

    Do you make time to go to the gym a few times per week? If so, you should commend yourself for your efforts. But at our physical therapy clinic, we notice an interesting trend with a lot of our active patients: they go to the gym regularly, but they largely ...

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  • Therapeutic Massage: How It Can Help You Get Back in the Game

    Aug 20

    If you are an athlete, you know the amount of dedication that it takes. Whether you’re preparing for a marathon, competition, recital, or big game, the amount of training and preparation is extensive. You have to train your muscles and tissues to perform in the ways you want them ...

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