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  • 4 years ago I needed Physio and used this place and was very satisfied with there services, place is very clean and the staff very professional. Now after surgery, needed rehab again and I would not had went to any other place. Very, very happy again with them. Micheal, the owner is fantastic and the beautiful receptionist is a doll.

    Thank you to all of you.

    Jackie B.
  • Very nice and professional staff.. ! they care for you and give you the TLC you kindly deserve thru the process of get physically fit for the upcoming road to recovery. In any way possible. they are there for you ..!!

    Christine L.
  • Very caring center. I just started therapy for my shoulder bursitis. Loving the atmosphere. Knowledgeable and kind staff.

    Yelena K.
  • The staff is really helpful and nice. Michael Kenton is the best therapist around. You’ll get better and faster results here because of the knowledge and care they put into all patients.

    Rosemary O.
  • Let’s go one by one. Elaide is a wonderful woman, very approachable and understanding. Francisco, the office aid, is also a gentle spirit. He’s very attentive and always ready with the treatment equipment. My therapist, Lisette, is the most wonderful, sweetest woman I’ve ever met. She has helped me so much! She had a great idea to create the friendly atmosphere of this amazing facility. Personally, I’m happier today because I can move my legs and back again. Overall, a very good experience.

    Rachel A.
  • Since I’ve been here, everything is good! I’ve been here before but my son re-registered me because he thinks its very good for me. I’m glad I came back because he got me back in the race. I’m 90 years old, but I’m still going!

    Esther N.
  • Without the treatments I would not be able to function. Would not be able to move my arm at all.

    Bette P.
  • I am doing better with my therapy. They are doing lots of different exercises with me. The staff is very nice and helpful and the therapist is very good and nice. I recommend this facility. They are very professional. Thank you.

    Weronika B.
  • This office is working very well with me and they are nice to all the patients in their office. They are a loving facility that does a very good job with me and the other patients. I feel very good because they did a good job.

    Iosana F.
  • I am very satisfied with the superlative treatment I receive and the outstanding results of pain relief that has been the results of my treatment here.

    The owner and his staff of professionals deserve a five-star rating!

    Michael D.